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Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs)

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Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish National Party

MSPfor Glasgow Southside (Constituency) 1999 to present day

About Nicola Sturgeon

Contact details

Contact online

Contact at the Scottish Parliament

Phone: 0141 424 1174
Text relay calls welcome.

Contact at their Constituency

Unit 3
Govanhill Workspace
69 Dixon Road
G42 8AT

Phone: 0141 424 1174
Text relay calls welcome.


Nicola is not a member of any committees

Cross-party groups

Nicola is not a member of any cross-party groups

Parliamentary and Government Roles

Nicola has 1 Parliamentary and Government Role

First Minister

Scottish Government

Party Roles

Nicola has 1 Party Role

Party Leader

Scottish National Party

Register of interests

Nicola's register of interests

MSP's must provide details of their financial interests in the Register of Interests. They make an initial statement on becoming or being returned as an MSP. This is then updated with any changes they provide.

Here is the register for Nicola Sturgeon. The date of their initial statement was 02 June 2016.

Remuneration and related undertaking

No registrable interests

No registrable interests


No registrable interests

Overseas visits

No registrable interests

Controlled transactions

No registrable interests

Heritable property

No registrable interests

Interest in shares

No registrable interests


I have purchased £250 of community shares as part of a scheme to raise fund for Govanhill Baths in my constituency. [Registered 14 February 2018]

On 14 March 2013 I attended a private dinner hosted by Andrew Fairlie at Restaurant Andrew Fairlie, Gleneagles, valued at £150.

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